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Thinking of Divorce? Here Are Things To Consider

The Emotional Impact of Divorce

In this episode of Real Men Connect, host Joe Martin delves into the difficult and emotional topic of divorce. Joe shares his personal journey through the devastation of his own failed marriage, recounting the pain and regret that led him to dedicate his life to helping men navigate the challenges of marriage.

He openly addresses the common reasons men find themselves thinking of divorce and challenges them to reconsider their decisions, shedding light on the spiritual and practical consequences of such a choice.

With raw honesty and unwavering conviction, Joe encourages listeners to choose to divorce the consequences, not their wives. This thought-provoking and impactful episode offers insight and guidance for men facing the tough realities of marriage and divorce.

Things to Consider When Contemplating Divorce

Thinking of Divorce - Consider These Things First

Highlights/Episode Topics:

1. Real Men Choose to Divorce Consequences, Not Their Wives:

Dr. Joe shares his deeply personal journey of facing the aftermath of his own divorce, emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility for the consequences of one's actions.

2. The Spiritual Side of Divorce:

Serving as a thought-provoking reflection, Dr. Joe highlights the spiritual implications of divorce, prompting listeners to consider their choices in alignment with their faith and relationship with God.

3. Realities of Divorce:

Dr. Joe candidly discusses the practical and often overlooked consequences of divorce, shedding light on the ripple effects that extend beyond the immediate decision.


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