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Real Men 300

A Christian Coaching and Mentoring Program Designed to Help You Live Better, Love Deeper, and Lead a Spiritually Stronger Life 

Hey Mighty Warrior!

What do you do when the God-given dream inside of you isn't matching the reality in front of you

Now be brutally honest with me (and yourself); are you tired of…


  • Coming home and not emotionally connecting with your wife or kids?

  • Constantly arguing with your wife about the same old stuff?

  • Being constantly frustrated in almost every area of your life?

  • Feeling like your life is on a downward spiral and out of control?

  • Feeling like your kids don’t respect or appreciate you?

  • Feeling like a hypocrite or lukewarm when it comes to your faith?

  • Giving in to lust and temptation when it comes to porn, alcohol, or other addictions?

  • Knowing the life you’re now living isn’t the life you signed up for?

  • Struggling to spiritually lead your family while trying to financially provide?

  • Feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up are your only options?

​I understand exactly how you feel.  You never expected life to be this hard; but the truth is, you were never meant to do life alone.

Even if you're fortunate to currently belong to a men’s group at your church, the truth is, 99% of men's ministries don’t have a strategic plan for mentoring and coaching their men. These ministries are doing their best, but the fact is, most churches just can't logistically offer the level of personal, one-on-one, and group support and accountability that every man desperately needs.  And we do this every day in the Real Men 300!

So, if your current men’s group or Bible study doesn’t provide professional, one-on-one and group coaching & mentoring, weekly and monthly support, and strategic discipleship training, then the Real Men 300 may be exactly the kind of team you’ve been praying and looking for.


We’re not trying to replace or undermine other men’s ministries, recovery, or support groups; we’re trying to enhance and support their effectiveness by filling in the gaps that most men's groups miss.

Dustin Clark - Maybank, TX

Dustin Clark - Maybank, TX

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