Real Men 300

A Christian Coaching and Mentoring Program Designed to Help You Live Better, Love Deeper, and Lead a Spiritually Stronger Life 

 Hey Mighty Warrior!

What do you do when the God-given dream inside of you isn't matching the reality in front of you

Now be brutally honest with me (and yourself), are you tired of…


  • Coming home and not emotionally connecting with your wife or kids?

  • Constantly arguing with your wife about the same old stuff?

  • Being constantly frustrated in almost every area of your life?

  • Feeling like your life is on a downward spiral and out of control?

  • Feeling like your kids don’t respect or appreciate you?

  • Feeling like a hypocrite or lukewarm when it comes to your faith?

  • Giving in to lust and temptation when it comes to porn, alcohol, or other addictions?

  • Knowing the life you’re now living isn’t the life you signed up for?

  • Struggling to spiritually lead your family while trying to financially provide?

  • Feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up are your only options?

​I understand exactly how you feel.  You never expected life to be this hard; but the truth is, you were never meant to do life alone.

Even if you're fortunate to currently belong to a men’s group at your church, the truth is, 99% of men's ministries don’t have a strategic plan for mentoring and coaching their men. These ministries are doing their best, but the fact is, most churches just can't logistically offer the level of personal, one-on-one, and group support and accountability that every man desperately needs.  And we do this every day in the Real Men 300!

So, if your current men’s group or Bible study doesn’t provide professional, one-on-one coaching & mentoring, weekly and monthly support, and strategic discipleship training, then the Real Men 300 may be exactly the kind of team you’ve been praying and looking for.


We’re not trying to replace or undermine other men’s ministry, recovery, or support groups; we’re trying to enhance and support their effectiveness by filling in the gaps that most men's groups miss.

The Real Men 300 exists for one reason only...

To help you be the man, husband, father, and leader God called and created you to be.


Think about the greatest champions and men you most admire and respect. For me they are...

  • Christian: Howard Mintz (My Spiritual Mentor)

  • Leader: John Maxwell (NY Times Best-Selling Author)

  • Athlete: David Robinson (NBA Hall of Famer)

  • Celebrity: Denzel Washington (Oscar Award-Winning Actor)

Guess what all of those men have in common? 

A spiritually-mature man to mentor and coach them, a committed team of godly men supporting them,

and a close circle of trusted teammates standing beside them.

The question is, who's on your team?

  • WHO IS Coaching and Mentoring You?

  • WHO IS Training and Pushing You?

  • WHO IS Encouraging and Supporting You?

  • WHO IS Growing and Sharpening You?

Proverbs 18:1

"Any man who isolates himself from others seeks

his own desires; he fights against all sound wisdom."

Translation: A man who thinks he can succeed without help is a foolish man.


Professional Coaching | Authentic Connection | Real Community/Accountability













V.I.P. Calls

You’ll have an opportunity to participate in Live Weekly, Video Conference Calls with other men just like you in  our Real Men Restored Group. You’ll meet men who will help you gain and sustain victory over some of your toughest challenges, personal hurts, habits, and hang-ups including porn, low-self esteem, alcohol, anger, and drugs.  We offer four (4) different meeting days and times, so you can always stay connected.  

All information shared on these calls is confidential

Real Support

You’ll be given admission to our private, online Facebook community called Men In Balance (MIB), a group of  like-minded Christian men who are ALL committed to serving, supporting, and strengthening you in your development as a man. You'll also be assigned a designated "Best Man" to check-in on you weekly.  You get to interact with Dr. Joe (weekly) and other men who are personally vested in our group.  There is no outsider; every member in the group has "skin in the game."  You'll be able t0 participate in daily discussions and get daily help, and the best part about this community is that it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

All information shared in Men In Balance is confidential!

Champion Mentoring

You’ll receive professional coaching* from someone with a proven track record, Dr. Joe Martin. You know that every world champion has a coach, so you'll get 15-minute one-on-one, unlimited, private coaching sessions* to help you deal with your most pressing life challenges.  Dr. Joe is a qualified and certified coach with 1,120+ hours of coaching experience and has successfully coached more than 100+ men.

*Coaching is only included with specific memberships


As a part of your membership, you will have full access to Real Men Connect online video vault of courses* designed to provide real-life solutions for men in crisis.  These master classes are continuously under development (currently 15), and as a 300 Warrior Partner, you will receive first notice when new courses are released.  

*Courses are included with specific membership

Man-Mastery Classes

Due to the High Demand, We Can Only Take On a Limited Number of Members.

We provide every Real Men 300 member with the support he needs...


This is the best way to ensure we maintain a tight bond with each member and can give laser-focused support to help you achieve your goals. 


However, this means we must put a strict limit on the number of members we work with at any given time.

Working with an individual coach is invaluable. Being encouraged by someone who's dedicated his life to helping you become the best husband, father, and spiritual leader God created you to be, so you can love, lead, and leave a legacy for generations.


Apply below and tell us a little bit about yourself, so we can see if the Real Men 300 is a good fit for you.


After you fill out your application we will schedule a phone call to discuss your vision and specific challenges to help you breakthrough to the next level of your life. 


So if you’re ready...


Here are Some Common Questions About the Real Men 300.

Who is Dr. Joe Martin?

Who is Real Men 300 for?

Dr. Joe is the creator and founder of Real Men Connect (501-c3), an award-winning speaker, published author, certified life coach, men’s ministry columnist, and a professionally-trained “man builder.”

He’s also the host of Real Men Connect with Dr. Joe the #1 radio podcast on iTunes for Christian men. His podcast has more than 1.4 million downloads and reaches men in more than 136 countries around the world. Over the past 24 years, Dr. Joe has spoken for more than 750 organizations, trained more than 240,000 educators, and addressed more than 1.6 million students in 4 countries. He's been interviewed by several national publications, including USA Today and LifeWay Men, and he's a guest expert on Moody Radio, as well as several ABC, NBC, and TBN affiliates. 

Our program is NOT for everyone, certainly not for men who are dabblers, struggle to meet their personal or financial commitments, and not serious about their personal and spiritual growth. 


Our program is FOR serious men who want to stop losing in the most important areas of their lives and are ready to put in the work to grow into the strongest version of themselves.

We've helped thousands of other men, so there is no reason we can't help you.


Real Men 300 is for men of all ages who: 

  • Desires to have a deeper relationship with Christ, but not quite sure how to do it.

  • Needs a team of godly men who will stand by him.

  • Wants to build an authentic, lasting, personal relationship with trustworthy godly men. 

  • Is looking for a group of wiser men who will coach and mentor him along his journey.

  • Wants the counsel and help of godly professionals who can help him heal from the hurt, shame, and trauma of his past. 


Real Men 300 is one of the safest places to receive dependable guidance, support, and accountability from other godly men.  

The 300 are men you can trust.
They will love you, not judge you.

They will correct you, not condemn you.
They will encourage you, not enable you. 

How long is the program?

What if I don't have time?

The Real Men 300 program is as long as you want it to be.

There's no designated length of time or duration.  Success is a journey, not a destination; you stay in the Real Men 300 for as long as you choose and as long as you find value in it.

"Christianity without change is pointless, and faith without follow through is just foolish."


That's why we're selective about whom we accept into the Real Men 300. We don't want this to be "just another thing to do" on your "Christian To-Do List."
We won't waste your time.


"We're about helping real men achieve real change by getting real results."


You bring the commitment, we'll provide the support.

You're probably thinking...

"I don't have time for this right now."


Let me ask you… 
When will you ever have the time?

If you continue putting off the actions that you know will help you change your life and hiding behind excuses you’ve used for years, then how long will it be before you finally realize that the "right" time will never come?

You have to make the time. 

High-achieving men typically spend most of their time making a living, and that causes them to forget to live.

Life's too short to spend your limited time working on succeeding at things that won't matter in eternity.

"Being the man, husband, father, and leader God created you to be, does."  





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