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Dr.Joe Martin

Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning international speaker, author, educator, and certified “man builder."

My life’s story can be summarized in one simple sentence: “He went from rags to riches to ruined to redemption.”  


My name is Dr. Joe Martin, and I’m the creator and founder of the multi-media organization called Real Men Connect (501-c3).  And I’m passionate about helping Christian men win!


The truth is, almost every Christian man wants to be a godly husband, father, and provider for his family. But most men are secretly frustrated or afraid of failing in their role as spiritual leaders. Because deep down inside, most of us don't know how to be godly men, because we didn't have a godly father in the home to teach us.  And I was one of those men.  As the product of a single, teenage-mother, I survived abject poverty, sexual and physical abuse, abandonment, anger, depression, rejection, and addiction (just to name a few).


Now I’ve dedicated my life to helping men, husbands, and fathers like you write their own comeback story or at least prevent them from having to write one at all. We provide men with a proven 5-step plan that’s guaranteed, if you’re courageous and committed, to help you win in the areas that matter most to you as a husband, father, and spiritual leader of your home.


The men who come to us walk away better equipped and more confident to take on life and win the battles they fight every day as men. 


Whether you desire to develop a closer walk with God, love and lead your wife and family better, be a better steward of your finances, break a porn addiction, or build brotherhood bonds with other godly men, we make sure you never have to do life alone again and that you never get left behind, regardless of where you’re starting. 


So, if you want to win as a Christian man, and you’re ready to take that most-important, faithful “first step” towards being the man God called and created you to be, we’d like to help you.  Just click on the button below to gain instant access to our FREE training video: The 5 Most Important Things Every Christian Man Needs (to Succeed).  And see why Real Men Connect could possibly be an answer to your prayers.

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