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As a Member of Our Team of Brothers,

We Will Help You Become a Better

Husband, Father, and Spiritual Leader, GUARANTEED!

Who this is for:

  • Guys who think they've tried everything, and don't know what else to do

  • Guys who are looking for a team of men they can trust and who will hold them accountable

  • Guys who are humble, teachable, and ready to write their comeback story

  • Guys who are frustrated, and are tired of living below their God-given potential

Who this is NOT for:

  • Guys looking for a “quick-fix” for their problems

  • Guys that aren’t man enough to own their problem and admit they need help

  • Guys who love being "lone rangers" and doing life by themselves

  • Guys who are afraid of "doing the work" necessary to rebuild their lives

…If this is you, I beg you, please do NOT book a phone call. I will not be able to help you (no one will).

We GUARANTEE We Will Help You Become a Better, Stronger, More Godly Man


We’ll Donate a $100 to the Church or Men’s Group of Your Choice That Will

Here’s How:



Get You Connected to Christ (Matt 6:33)

We’ll teach you HOW to build a real, authentic, intimate relationship with Christ that goes beyond religion and just attending church.


Get You Connected to Community (Eccl 4:9,10)

We help you get connected IMMEDIATELY to a group of godly men who you can trust to motivate, encourage, challenge, and hold you accountable.




Get You Connected to Coaching & Counseling (Prov 27:17)

We’ll give you the education, training, and mentoring you need from godly men with more than 1,750+ years of combined manhood, husband, and parenting experience. 

We do all of this by creating a safe, secure, confidential environment for you to share your struggles, grow through your frustrations, and excel in your faith as a man – free from shame, guilt, rejection, or condemnation (2 Cor 5:17).


The end result is a proven brotherhood that provides you with help and hope in life’s hardest places, so you can finally win at what matters the most to you as a man of God (John 16:33).

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