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Ken Guidroz on Surviving Son's Incarceration: A Christian Father's Guide

Today, we'll be exploring the nuanced differences between faith and trust, and journey through the personal trials and profound experiences that our guest Ken Guidroz and his family have endured. Ken, a former pastor, author of "Letters to My Son in Prison," will share the tribulations of raising three sons, the complexities of marriage, and the crisis of faith that can arise from your children’s struggles.

We'll hear Ken's candid recollections of dealing with his youngest son's imprisonment, his family's path to finding unity, and how individuality within marriage might indeed be the key to its longevity. We’ll also delve into the mysterious and often painful process of parenting, the agony of watching a son entangled with the law, and how Ken’s own relationship with God intertwined through these hardships.

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🎙️Lessons Learned from Raising Prodigal Sons (EP:854)

Highlights & Learnings

  1. The Power of Space and Unity - Discover how Ken and his wife navigated the turbulent journey with their son's incarceration, turning to sacred texts for unity and engaging in activities like pickleball to maintain their bond, while respecting each other's need for personal space.

  2. Parenting and Intuition - Gain insight from Joe Martin's reflection on the importance of humility and listening to the Holy Spirit in parenting, reveling in the mysterious dance of leading and following in the delicate balance of family dynamics.

  3. Embracing Life's Mysteries - Engage with the profound discussion on the absence of correlation between godly parenting and children's faith paths, prompting a call to embrace the unpredictable nature of life and the strength found in accepting things as they come, without resentment.

Ken Guidroz is a Retirement Planner, former pastor, and author of Letters to My Son in Prison. He knows the emotions of pain and suffering too well.  Having been a father for 38 years, as well as serving as a pastor, he watched all three (3) of his sons struggle mightily with their faith for many years.

Even though he and his wife (Joyce) raised their sons in the faith, God didn’t spare him or his wife the pain and suffering of watching their children stiff arm and rebel against God and Christianity.

We asked him to join us on the Real Men Connect Podcast to share his journey with us and what he learned along as a dad of 3 prodigal sons; and you're going to be blessed. 

To find out more about Ken and to get a copy of his award-winning book, you can visit him at , email him at or follow him on Instagram @kenguidroz

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