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Becoming a Man of Virtue with Vince Miller

The Impact of Mentorship and the Power of Virtues in Men's Lives

In this compelling episode of Real Men Connect, we take an intimate dive into the deep waters of fatherhood, mentorship, and emotional vulnerability. Joe Martin and guest Vince Miller peel back the layers of the masculine soul, exposing the universal yearnings for approval, connection, and spiritual growth.

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Becoming A Man of Virtue (EP:858)

Three Key Highlights:

  1. The profound longing for a father's approval shapes a man's identity, as Joe Martin candidly shares about his personal quest for his biological father's love and the ways this quest echoes in his life and ministry.

  2. Vince Miller, founder of Resolute, brings to light the transformative power of repentance and obedience, emphasizing that these are keystones in building a relationship with God, and becoming a man of virtue rather than mere checkboxes for divine favor.

  3. The episode offers an earnest look at the vital roles of feedback and mentorship in personal development, showcasing that through these channels men can build stronger connections and foster a sense of brotherhood that uplifts all parties involved.

Vince Miller is the founder of Resolute, a non-profit organization focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship.  Having been in ministry for more than 25 years, Vince has written 13 books and handbooks, along with producing small group videos that are resources for mentorship.  His latest book is a devotional and mentoring guide for men called Thirty Virtues that Build a Man.

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To find out more about Vince and to contact him, please visit his website at:

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