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Defining Dad: The Five Types of Dads and Their Impact

Five Different Types of Fathers

Welcome to this episode of the Real Men Connect podcast, titled "What Type of Dad Are You?" Today, we dive deep into the profound impact fathers have on shaping identities and emotional well-being, inspired by Joe Martin's insightful discussion on the Real Men Connect podcast.

Joe, a man builder, author, and a devoted father himself, introduces us to the critical concept of "repairing the cycle" rather than repeating or merely breaking it. He categorizes fathers into five distinct types: the PoW Dad, the MIA Dad, the AWOL Dad, the Reserve Duty Dad, and the Active Duty Dad, each illustrating different ways men engage with their fatherly duties.

Join us as we explore these dynamics and reflect on how we can choose to be the best possible version of a dad, transcending past patterns for a renewed fatherhood experience.

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What Type of Dad Are You? (Ep.835)

Three Key Highlights:

  1. Understanding the Five Types of Dads: Joe explains different fatherhood styles including the POW Dad, the MIA Dad, the AWOL Dad, the Reserve Duty Dad, and the highly aspirational Active Duty Dad.

  2. Repairing the Cycle, Not Just Repeating It: Discover how to step out from the shadows of the past and forge a new path in fatherhood that honors both your children and God’s vision.

  3. Scriptural Motivations: Strengthen your fatherhood journey with powerful reflections from James 1:19, Ephesians 6:4, Proverbs 22:6, and more that echo the essence of being a dedicated and loving father.

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