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Are You Trying To Lead or Control Your Wife?

Leading with Love: How to Guide Without Dominating

In this episode, I present five definitive ways to distinguish whether you're genuinely leading your wife or attempting to control her, touching upon the power of motive assessment, the importance of trust, integrity, and the art of setting healthy boundaries. It's not just about instruction but introspection, as we explore biblical guidance and practical wisdom to align our actions with a higher purpose.

So, whether you're a devoted husband looking to reaffirm your role as a spiritual leader, a single man preparing for future relationships, or anyone in between seeking purposeful growth - tune in, take notes, and transform your approach to leadership and love.

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Three Key Highlights:

  1. Motives Matter: Examine why you're asking your wife to do something. Leadership seeks to glorify God, not just to please oneself.

  2. Integrity Leads: True leadership means being willing to set an example and be the first to take a positive action within your relationship.

  3. Healthy Boundaries: Differentiate between boundaries set out of love, which denote leadership, and those set out of fear, which signify control.

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Are you ready to step up your game as a Christ-centered man?

Book your free breakthrough call today and join a community where men support each other in becoming the godly leaders they are called to be. Don't just listen—take action and see the change in your life and marriage.


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