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The Importance of Repentance in Fatherhood: Insights from Dr. Eric Mason

Dr. Mason on Raising Engaged Dads and Confronting White Supremacy in Faith Communities

Welcome to another powerful episode of Real Men Connect. In Episode 878, we're excited to bring you a deeply impactful conversation with Dr. Eric Mason, pastor, author, and thought leader. Join host Joe Martin as they delve into the challenges and triumphs of intentional fatherhood, the struggles men face in leading their families, and the delicate balance of life's commitments. Dr. Mason opens up about his journey, sharing vital lessons on identifying sin patterns, seeking accountability, and the importance of repentance.

Listen in as Dr. Mason explores the critical role of spiritual leadership within the home, addressing prevalent issues like apathy and father wounds. He also bravely tackles the topics of racism, injustice, and white supremacy within the Christian community, offering insights from his groundbreaking books, "Manhood Restored" and "Woke Church."

Discover how men's fear of vulnerability can be overcome by fostering communities of support and accountability. Learn about Dr. Mason's upbringing, his favorite Bible verse, and his approach to discipleship. Joe Martin concludes with a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mason for his transparency and encourages listeners to support the podcast and stay tuned for future enlightening episodes.

Don't miss this episode packed with wisdom and practical advice to help men become extraordinary leaders in their homes and communities!

how to overcome temptation as a christian

Christian Man, Courage, and Counseling with Dr. Eric Mason (EP: 878)

Three Key Highlights/Learnings:

  1. Intentional Engagement: Dr. Mason shares the significance of being actively involved in his children's lives and the importance of repentance when falling short as a father.

  2. Battling Apathy: The discussion highlights the pervasive issue of apathy among men in spiritual leadership and the need for renewed vision and engagement in the household.

  3. Sin Patterns and Accountability: Dr. Mason emphasizes recognizing sin patterns and the power of community and accountability in overcoming these challenges.

Dr. Eric Mason is the founder and pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA. He and his wife, Yvette, have four children. After more than two decades of gospel ministry, Dr. Mason has become known for his passion to see the glory of Jesus Christ robustly and relevantly engaged in broken cities with the comprehensive gospel.


He helps coach and train families to plant churches locally, nationally, and internationally. He’s the founder and president of Thriving, an urban resource organization committed to developing leaders for ministry in the urban context, and he’s the author of three books, Manhood RestoredBeat God to the Punch, and Unleashed. He’s also the recipient of multiple degrees, including a BS in Psychology from Bowie State University, a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctoral Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

To contact Dr. Mason, you can visit him on his website at 

what does the bible say about overcoming temptation

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