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Christian Marriage Advice For Men - 7 Stages of Change

Christian Marriage Advice For Men - How to Deepen Love and Communication with Your Wife

In today's episode, we're diving deep into the ultimate marriage guide for men. Forget cheating in the traditional sense—this is all about gaining an edge in understanding and loving your wife better.

We'll discuss the newly available Marriage Cheat Sheet for Men, a must-have resource designed to help you avoid arguments, connect more deeply, and even enhance your intimacy. Plus, we'll explore the seven stages of change to help you identify and overcome the obstacles preventing you from becoming the husband, father, and leader God called you to be. Get ready for practical insights, heartfelt encouragement, and powerful strategies to take your Christian marriage and your life to the next level.

how to overcome temptation as a christian

The Seven Stages of Change (EP: 877)

Three Key Highlights/Learnings:

  1. Marriage Cheat Sheet for Men: Joe reveals practical tools like 45 questions to master your wife's heart, 10 actions leading to more intimacy, and 49 ways to have more meaningful conversations with your wife.

  2. Seven Stages of Change: Understanding these stages—from ignorance to commitment—can help identify and overcome obstacles in your marriage, leading to lasting improvements.

  3. Biblical Guidance: Emphasizing scriptural principles, Joe recommends strategies based on humility, accountability, and a focus on God’s guidance to navigate and sustain positive change.

If you want Christian marriage advice for men, this episode is it! Get ready for practical insights, heartfelt encouragement, and powerful strategies to take your marriage and your life to the next level.

what does the bible say about overcoming temptation

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