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Want to make your marriage less stressful and a whole lot easier? 


Then the Marriage Cheat Sheet for MenYour Quick Reference Guide to Avoiding Arguments with Your Wife is just what you need.  


IT'S NOT ANOTHER BOOK TO READ; it's a go-to guide, owner's manual, game plan, and a marriage map. 

You only read it when you need it. 


There are a lot of men like you who want to love their wives, but they just don’t know HOW to love her – at least in a way that will make and keep her happy.


I can definitely relate, because it took my 16-year marriage ending in divorce for me to learn how to effectively love my wife and win her heart.


That's why I created this handy, must-have resource to not only help you avoid unnecessary arguments with your wife, but more importantly, learn how to understand her heart and love her better.  


Pulled straight from our highly-popular "Marriage Secrets for Men Boot Camp" - this is a BONUS gift we give away just for attending the event.


Here are just some of the "golden nuggets" you'll find in this resource guide to help you make your marriage easier and less frustrating:


  • 26 Ways to Affirm Your Wife
  • 23 Different Words You Can Use to Compliment Your Wife
  • 4 Questions to Ask After Every Argument (to avoid future arguments)
  • 45 Questions You Can Ask to Learn Your Wife's Heart
  • 50 Ways to Love Your Wife Better
  • 6 Things You Can Say to "Manage" Her Response (i.e. damage control)
  • 50 Ways to Tell Your Wife You Miss Her
  • 10 Things You Can Do That Will Lead to More Sex
  • 49 Questions You Can Ask to Start a Conversation with Your Wife
  • 3 Different Words You Can Use to Respond to Any of Her Emotions
  • 63 Romantic Things You Write in Cards When You Run Out of Words
  • 11 Questions to Help You Understand What Your Wife is Saying
  • 8 Questions You Can Ask Your Wife If She's Ignoring You 

...and much more!


This is the "man-ual" every divorced man wishes he had BEFORE he got married (at least I did), and it's the resource I now use in my current, amazing marriage of 6 years!  This guide is not only a game changer, men say, "it's potentially life changing."



I'm so God-confident that the Marriage Cheat for Men will become one of the most valuable, referred-to resources in your marriage library, that if you don't think so, just send it back to me for a full refund. 


Trust me, next to our Marriage Secrets for Men Boot Camp, this will be the second best investment you'll ever make in your marriage.



Please DO NOT allow your wife to see this guide.  This resource is for YOUR EYES ONLY!  So, don't SHARE IT with your wife, USE IT on your wife.


**Digital Download**

The Marriage Cheat Sheet for Men

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$27.00Sale Price
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