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How to Find the Best Christian Men Podcast for You

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When I first launched the Real Men Connect Podcast back in 2016, I had no idea what I was doing; I only knew WHY I wanted to do one: to spare men from the unnecessary pain, shame, and suffering I endured as a Christian man growing up without a Christian role model in the home. And I wanted to create the best christian podcast for men available to help men like me.

My story is quite simple. I went from rags to riches to ruin to redemption -- from having it all by the time I reached the age of 30, to losing it all by the age of 40; only to have God restore and redeem my life through the Real Men Connect Podcast by the time I reached the age of 50.

After I hit rock bottom, and gained some much-needed perspective on my life, I realized that surviving abject poverty, being the product of a teenage mother, and enduring the devastation of physical and sexual abuse (among other things) weren’t the worst things to happen to me as child.

The worst thing to happen to me as a child was NOT having a man (or should I say the “right man”) in the home to teach, direct, correct, and affirm me as a man. So, by pure grit and sheer determination, I began my quest to be a "successful male" by starting a business, earning my doctorate degree, becoming a university professor, writing books, and moving my mother out of projects all by the age of 30.

But I inevitably failed in my role as a "man," because I suffered from an undiagnosed learning disability among most men called "ABT" - Ain't Been Taught.

By the time I realized how much I didn't know as a male, on becoming a godly man and a spiritual leader in my home, I had already ruined a 16-year marriage, destroyed my family, was neck deep in a porn and sex addiction, and had lost my wealth as well as my integrity.

But what could I do about it now?

I had to be taught how to be a (godly) man.

Contrary to what most men believe, you’re not a man until you can successfully teach, train, and mentor another male on how to be a godly man -- by the example that you set. And that wasn’t me. Because no male can expect to be a great man, without the help of a godly man to mentor, coach, and disciple him.

Before starting my podcast, I had one one mentor, Howard Mintz, the father of 8 and the husband of one, who mentored, coached, and discipled me by showing me how he loved his wife and spiritually led his family.

But it took me more than half my life (late 30’s) to find him; and it was definitely worth the wait. However, I asked myself, what would happen if I could find hundreds of godly men like Howard to teach, train, and coach men like me on how they did it; what impact could that potentially have on the world?

So 2016, I set on the path to launch a men’s podcast to do just that. And now Real Men Connect is the top-rated podcast on Apple iTunes for mentoring, discipling, and coaching men, with more than 1.5 million downloads of our podcasts in 136 countries (and counting).

But Real Men Connect is not the only podcast for Christian men

When I launched Real Men Connect back in 2016, I must admit, there were slim pickings when it came to Christian men podcasts in that space.

Most Christian men’s podcasts either tanked after a few episodes, never to be heard from again (to give you context, we’re about to air our 500th episode at the time of this article) or they were released too infrequent (i.e., monthly podcast).

Then there was what I call the “pseudo podcasts for Christian men.” Meaning, they were either recorded sermons from popular preachers like John Piper or re-aired interviews with authors like Dr. Gary Chapman (The 5 Love Languages) that included information that could apply to both women AND men.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. But when I was looking for podcasts for Christian men, I wanted to find shows that were for men, by men, focusing only on men issues.

And then there were the radio shows that occasionally had guest speakers or guest interviews with men who appeared on secular talk shows, who happen to be part of the Christian faith, but were compromising in their views, with no consistency or continuity when it came to focusing on a number of topics and real life battles that we face as men every day: marriage, parenting, dating, work, lust, shame, abuse, father wounds, depression, divorce, anger, church hurt, or even our struggle to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2016, if you searched for a relevant podcast associated with Christian men, you would literally be shocked by what you would find. Or should I say, you would’ve been shocked by what you wouldn’t find; because there was a scarcity of good, solid christian men podcasts. Thank God that has changed a little over the last few years, with Christian men’s podcasts being launched almost monthly.

And even though Real Men Connect has established itself as one of the top Christian podcasts for men in the world, I’ve had the honor and privilege to meet fellow podcasters, interview them, and even appear on their shows; so I think that makes me uniquely qualified to share with you some of the ones that I think are the best (or at least my favorite christian podcasts for men).

I believe these podcasts for Christian men are changing the world for Christ, and I want to share them with you. And to make it super easy for you, I put them in categories so you can easily find the right one for whatever challenge you’re currently facing in your current situation or faith walk as a Christian man.

My Best Christian Men Podcast Recommendations (by category)

For Bible Study (for Men):

Hosted by Patrick Morley, Man in the Mirror is a weekly Bible Study for men that has been active since 1986. The show’s purpose is to help Christian men get a larger glimpse of God and how to transition that revelation to their daily lives.

For Catholic Men:

A former Atheist, this podcast is hosted by my dear brother in Christ, Joseph Warren, who is from Long Island, NY, and tackles the issues that Catholics and Protestants face in their faith without the religious legalism. Joseph’s show is the #1-rated podcast for Catholics and Protestants on Apple Podcasts.

For Daily Inspiration for Men:

This very unique podcast shares a daily story about Christian men in less that 8 minutes. There’s no host, just encouragement and inspiration based on basic truths about God and his character told through the stories of faithful men of God. I personally am a fan of other men’s stories, and this show is one of my favorites.

For Faith Building:

Modern Christian bi-weekly podcast for men looking to grow their faith, strengthen their families, and impact their world. Hosted by Cale Nelson, every episode of Modern Christian Men features guest interviews with men who are determined to live for Christ in today’s society.

For Fathers:

Dad Tired is a podcast for men who take their faith, family, and marriage seriously. Hosted by my friend, Jerrad Lopes, who’s appeared on our show twice, Jerrad’s podcast focuses on equipping Christian dads to lead their families’ well and become legacy dads. If there’s a better podcast out there for Christian dads, I haven’t found it yet.

For Husbands:

Of course I’m biased, but 1.5+ million downloaders can’t be wrong. Real Men Connect helps men to win at what matters most, regardless of where they started or where they’re spiritually stuck. We interview Christian men from all walks of life, from pastors to prisoners to addicts to overachievers and every man in between. We get men to share stories, their successes, but more importantly, their struggles as husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders.

For Leadership:

Host byJeff Jerina, Man Unplugged chats weekly with well-known Christian leaders to help them grow in their spiritual leadership. Through weekly interviews, the show shares biblical wisdom, and actionable steps to help men succeed as a men of God.

For Masculinity:

Men in the Arena is a podcast hosted by my friend and fellow speaker, Jim Ramos. Jim’s show teaches men about authentic manhood, masculinity, and leading their families. The intent of Jim’s show is to draw a clear line in the sand between males and men, without the toxicity.

For Sex/Purity:

Called the Faithful & True Podcast, the men of Valor Program is hosted by Dr. Mark Laaser, a leading Christian authority on sexual addiction and co-host, Randy Evert. Dr. Laaser’s podcast is dedicated to helping men who are struggling with pornography and sexual purity issues.

From raising boys to being men, all of these podcasts are sure to help you deal with some of the toughest challenges you face as a Christian man. I’ve even heard that many men’s ministries at local churches across the country use some of the aforementioned podcasts to initiate and facilitate discussions in their men’s small groups.

Of course, these are not the only podcasts for Christian men, but when it comes to finding the best Christian men podcast, each of the above have a proven track record of providing great content on a consistent basis. And now you can spend more time listening to these great podcasts rather than wasting time searching for a good one.

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