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Finding Your Identity In Christ As A Man & Father

How to Discover Your True Identity in Christ & Lead Your Family

Join host Joe Martin on this transformative episode of the Real Men Connect as he welcomed Jerrad Lopes, who candidly opens up about the trials and triumphs of finding your identity in christ and leading a family grounded in his teachings.

In this episode, Jerrad shares his personal journey, including the pivotal moments that shaped his approach to fatherhood, marriage, and the call to ministry. Together, Joe and Jared explore the challenges that men face in society and how embracing one's identity in Christ can lead to healing and empowerment.

how to find your identity in christ

Finding Your Identity in Christ - Tips and Episode Highlights

1. Embrace Vulnerability:

Jerrad discusses the profound impact of acknowledging our flaws and learning from his own mistake of fleeing during a rough patch in his marriage. His story illuminates the strength found in vulnerability and the personal growth that comes from facing our challenges head-on, rather than running from them.

2. The Importance of Community:

Both Jerrad and Joe emphasize the crucial role of mentorship and community for men in their spiritual journey. Jerrad's own experience with church members who believed in his potential underscores how vital it is for men to have guidance and the positive impact it can have on their leadership within their families and beyond.

3. Prioritizing God's Calling:

The episode delves into the significance of saying no to diversions to prioritize your true purpose. Jerrad and Joe discuss the necessity of aligning one's schedule with God-given priorities to maintain balance, underscore family discipleship, and live life with intention.

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how to find your identity in christ

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