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Father Wound Symptoms - 4 Things I Did To Forgive

How To Heal From Father Wound Symptoms

I have a confession. Most of my adult life, I hated men. The root of this animosity? My childhood in the projects of Miami, where I was raised solely by a teenage mother. In this neighborhood, the absence of fathers was a common, stark reality. Incredibly, so many young boys, including myself, didn't have a father figure present. This harsh truth isn't an exaggeration. The evidence was right in my own home, where my father left when I was merely two years old. This departure created more than just a physical void in our household; it left undeniable father wound symptoms, a void in my heart....a sentiment painfully familiar to all my childhood friends.

This shared experience of fatherlessness cast a shadow over our community, painting a picture of dysfunction that none of us as children could comprehend or navigate. The absence of our fathers didn't just leave an empty chair at the dinner table; it created a profound emptiness within us. Most of us sought to fill this void with whatever was within reach, trying to mask the deep pain and confusion with temporary fixes.

healing father wounds

Healing The Father Wound - The 4 Steps I Took To Recover

Not having my father present would be the catalyst for many of my life's struggles. After years of after battling a pornography addiction, going through a divorce, and enduring multiple affairs, I came to a realization. I could never truly understand or accept the love of God as my Father until I confronted and healed from the wounds inflicted by my own dad. With faith, family, and a circle of friends, I navigated through the healing process in 4 crucial, though challenging, steps.

  1. I Sought to Recognize the Father Wound

  2. I Voiced the Pain

  3. I shared my struggle

  4. I let go of the hurt

forgiving your father

From Hurt To Healing - Making Peace with The Father Wound

By acknowledging, voicing, sharing, and releasing these wounds, I opened my heart to truly receive and understand God’s love, beginning the journey of healing from these deep father wounds. I've learned that the path to healing father wounds is both profoundly personal and universally resonant.

This journey, while etched with the scars of the past, is also paved with hope for the future—a future where the understanding of God's unwavering love and presence fills the voids left by some fathers. As I continue to walk this path, (and mentor other men through their own journey); I hold onto the belief that healing is possible, and that by confronting our deepest wounds with faith, courage, and support, we can emerge not just unbound from our past, but as beacons of hope and strength for the generations to follow.



Do you need someone to support and walk with you through this journey?

Book a Free Breakthrough Call with Me and we will discuss exactly how you can start to process and forgive the men in your life who have done you wrong.

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