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Wealth and Christianity - Ted's Alling's Story

Today we have an inspiring story that will challenge you to think about wealth, giving, and making a real difference in the world. In Episode 852, we're joined by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Alling, who shares his journey from modest beginnings to becoming a force for good in his community.

Ted opens up about the weight of wealth and the consequential responsibility to plan and use it for the betterment of others, including through mentorship and education. We'll hear about his work with Chattanooga Prep and how it aims to break racial barriers and equip kids with essential life skills.

We'll delve into the struggles of ego, transparency in our weaknesses, and the wisdom found in the Bible. Ted recounts his upbringing, his hard-earned success, and the grounding influence of his strong family values and Christian faith.

From being a cheerleader for those around him to his candid admission of past mistakes, Ted's story is a reminder of the power of generosity, the impact of mentoring, and the legacy we can all leave through intentional action and purposeful living.

is money evil to god

Wealth and Christianity: Being Rich and Faithful as a Christian (EP:852)

Three Key Highlights:

1. Mentorship and Environment: Ted Alling emphasizes the transformative impact of mentors who truly understand the environments of the children they guide. By directly engaging with the students' surroundings, they can foster deeper connections and provide more effective support.

2. Wealth with Purpose: Through candid conversations, Ted sheds light on the nuanced approach to wealth – how it can serve as a tool for future generations and be a vehicle for positive change, especially when managed with a Christian foundation of generous giving and stewardship.

3. Legacy Beyond the Dollars: Moving past the figures, Ted and Joe delve into the heart of what it means to leave a legacy that transcends monetary value. From anonymous acts of kindness in Chattanooga to the shaping influence of faith and family, they discuss the true measure of success.

Ted Alling is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, husband, and father of three children.  And he lives right here in our beautiful city of Chattanooga, TN.


To say that Ted is a successful entrepreneur is an understatement.  Because as the former co-founder and CEO of Access America Transport, Ted’s leadership guided the company through over a decade of growth generating more $490 million in revenue. He is currently a managing partner of the Lamp Post Group, where he actively recruits and mentors entrepreneurs. 

Ted also founded AAT Carriers, Reliance Partners, and Dynamo, which is a logistics accelerator program. And he and his amazing wife Kelly recently started the Chattanooga Preparatory School for disadvantaged boys.


To contact Ted, visit his website at 

money and christianity

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