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My Wife Is Leaving Me, What Do I Do?

Updated: Feb 29

What To Do When Your Wife Wants To Leave

The very thought that "My wife is leaving me" can shatter the heart of any husband. It’s overwhelming, (sometimes surprising) and typically filled with confusion, hurt and endless questions. What should you do? How can you talk to her when she feels so distant? Is there any way to convince her to stay, or should you even try? During this time, it’s crucial to approach the situation with wisdom, understanding, and a heart open to God’s guidance. Here are some tips on how to 'get through'.

What Should a Husband Do If His Wife Is Considering Leaving Him?

The hardest thing to do is accept what is happening, or could be happening. When faced with the possibility that your wife might leave, the initial reaction might be to panic or rush to fix things. However, this is a great time for reflection and prayer. It’s important to understand that while you cannot control another person’s decisions, you can control how you respond.

My Wife Is Leaving Me

Tips for Talking to a Distant Wife

Communicating with a wife who has become distant is delicate. Approach her with genuine concern, without accusations or demands. Your goal should be to understand her feelings and perspectives. Listen more than you speak, and when you do speak, let it be with kindness and love. Remember, the aim is not to win an argument but to bridge the gap that has grown between you.

It is completely possible that one of the reasons why she has gotten to the stage of wanting to leave the marriage could be due to a lack of communication and of intimacy and care. Paying attention to her feelings will not only show your care for the relationship, but will allow the transition to occur with less conflict and hostility.

But what if you don't even want to separate? You still love her and the kids very much. Can you win her back? The unfortunate truth is...

You Cannot Convince Your Wife to Stay in the Marriage

It's a hard pill to swallow, but you cannot—and should not—try to convince your wife to stay in the marriage through guilt. Marriage, in its true essence, is a partnership where both parties choose to be together. If her heart is set on leaving, respect her decision. This doesn’t mean you give up on your marriage, but rather, you trust in God’s plan for both of you, whatever that may entail.

My Wife Is Leaving Me what to do next

What to Do When Your Wife Decides To Leave

The recovery and loss that will be felt during this time will be tough. First and foremost, seek guidance through prayer. God understands the depth of your pain and can offer the comfort and wisdom you need. Next, consider seeking counsel from a Christian Marriage Coach. A coach can provide not only support but also practical advice on navigating this period, especially in maintaining your faith and integrity regardless of the outcome. And if you want the support of other men with similar values, who have been in your shoes and came out on their other side, consider joining our Real Men 300 brotherhood. This mentoring and accountability support group is made for men who want to lead a life on God's foundational word. It also is a great way to share your struggles, express your emotions, and receive guidance with confidentiality and without guilt, shame, or condemnation.

divorce support group for men


Understanding Your Wife Will Help Ease The Pain

Attempting to understand your wife's perspective is crucial. There may be underlying issues that have led to her feeling this way. Has communication broken down? Are there unaddressed hurts? Past childhood or relationship trauma? While this understanding may not change the outcome, it fosters empathy and can guide you in how to respond compassionately.

What To Do When Your Wife Says She's Leaving You and Taking the Kids

This situation adds another layer of complexity and pain. It’s essential to handle it with utmost care, prioritizing the well-being of your children. Ensure that they feel loved and secure, irrespective of the marital issues. It may also be wise to seek legal counsel to understand your rights and responsibilities, always aiming for arrangements that serve the best interest of your children. The worst thing a man can do is speak poorly of his wife in front of his children. Always honor your wife's role in the well being of your children's lives and keep your opinions of her away from your children.

How Long Will It Take for You to Get Over Your Wife Leaving You?

Healing from such a deep wound varies greatly from one individual to another. It’s a process that can be painful and slow. Instead of focusing on the time it takes, concentrate on healing and growing closer to God. Find solace in prayer, scripture, and the support of your Christian community. Remember, God’s love is constant and can sustain you through this storm.

What to Do if Your Wife Leaves You


Facing the possibility of a wife leaving is an incredibly painful experience that can test your faith like nothing else. Yet, it is also an opportunity to lean into your relationship with God, seeking His comfort and guidance. Remember, no matter how stormy life gets, God’s love is a beacon of hope. In these trying times, let your actions be guided by love, understanding, and faith. And know that, regardless of the outcome, God is with you, offering strength, comfort, and guidance for each step ahead.


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How to Talk To Your Wife When Shes Leaving

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