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Marriage Mentoring for Christian Couples

does marriage counselling work?

Dive into a heartfelt exploration of marriage and mentorship in our latest episode of Client Content — an enriching conversation with Rhonda and Steve Stoppe that you don't want to miss!

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Episode 846: Marriage Mentoring For Couples

In this episode, Steve and Rhonda Stoppe unveil the transformative power of faith in fostering enduring marriages. With their captivating stories and practical advice, the Stoppe duo illustrates the vital role of mentorship and community in strengthening the bonds of matrimony.

Tune in as Dr. Joe Martin guides us through an intimate discussion on the significance of:

  • A Transformational Relationship with God for Couples

  • The Art of Finding and Being Marriage Mentors

  • The Dangers of Seeking Happiness Solely Through a Spouse

  • The Crucial Importance of Respect in Marriage

  • Leveraging Commute Time for Spiritual Growth

  • How Older Couples Can Impact the Next Generation of Marriages


Next Step:

Are you in a struggling marriage and need some guidance to help the communication and intimacy in your Christian marriage thrive?

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