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Making Blended Families Work (EP:856)

Marriage Tips for Blended Families

Today we dive deep into the intricate workings of relationships, particularly the challenging journey of remarriage, as host Dr. Joe Martin engages in a heartfelt conversation with Gil Stewart, co-author of "Restored and Remarried." Through their candid dialogue, Gil opens up about his personal experiences from the past and how they have shaped his understanding of love, commitment, and spiritual growth.

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Making Blended Families Work (EP:856)

Three Key Highlights:

  1. Responsibility in Relationships: Gil shares a poignant lesson about humility and mutual respect from his previous marriage. His experiences underscore the importance of recognizing one's shortcomings and the need to cultivate a strong foundation for a healthy and lasting relationship.

  2. Embrace Personal Suffering for Growth: Echoing the teachings of Jesus, Joe and Gil discuss the transformative power of suffering and the way it can lead to personal resurrection when approached with the right mindset rather than a sense of victimhood.

  3. Navigating Blended Family Dynamics: The realities of remarriage and making blended families work are discussed with honesty and insight. Gil's personal narrative about his children offers valuable takeaways on how love, forgiveness, and respect are pivotal in creating harmony in complex familial relationships.

Gilbert Stuart is a counselor and the co-author (along with his wife Brenda) of the book Restored and Remarried.  They have a blended family of 7 kids between the two of them and six grandchildren.  


In their book, Gil and Brenda open their lives, share their story, and identify with the challenges of being re-married.


Gil has pastored, lead small groups, as well as teenagers. And he and his wife Brenda live in Brush Prairie, Washington.


To find out more about Gil and Brenda, visit their website at 

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