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How To Live By Faith In A Crisis - With Lauren Gaskill

Updated: Mar 31

Tips for Stronger Faith while Facing Times of Crisis

Struggling to find your footing in times of crisis? You're not alone. Episode 848 dives into the heart of how to live by faith in a crisis and develop resilience with our esteemed guest, Lauren Gaskill.

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🔊Ep 848 - How To Live By Faith In A Crisis - with Lauren Gaskill

In this episode Joe Martin chats with guest Lauren Gaskill as she eloquently distinguishes between worry and anxiety, sharing how the latter can take a toll not just on your mind but manifest physically as well.

Lauren chronicles her personal battle, from coming to terms with the physical limitations posed by Ehr's donlos to navigating the emotional turmoil of panic attacks she's felt since high school.

The episode transcends her struggle to offer a beacon of hope, presenting six key takeaways for anyone seeking to confront life's storms with a blend of steadfast faith and proactive support:

1. Recognize the transient nature of life's fiercest tempests.

2. Remember that shadows don't define your worth.

3. Trust the Jesus within to be mightier than any encroaching dark.

4. Know that you were crafted for the depths.

5. Let God's boundless love buoy you.

6. Embrace the strength found in community and expertise during hardship.


Lauren Gaskill is the author of the new book: Into the Deep: Diving into a Life of Courageous Faith.  She’s also a speaker and the host of the Finding Joy Podcast and Finding Joy Ladies Night Out events. 

After being diagnosed with an incurable connective tissue disorder, Lauren made it her life mission to encourage others to fight for faith and find joy — no matter what life’s circumstances might bring.


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