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Same Sex Attraction & The Church with Garry Ingraham

A Conversation on Christianity and Same Sex Attraction

In this poignant episode of Real Men Connect, hosts Joe Martin and Gary Ingraham dive deep into personal experiences of overcoming same-sex attraction, childhood trauma, and the struggle for acceptance within the Christian community. Together, they share powerful insights on finding healing, love, and purpose through faith.

how to overcome temptation as a christian

Real Talk About Same Sex Attraction, EP 872

Three Key Highlights/Learnings:

  1. Gary shares his journey of emotional healing and finding acceptance within the church, emphasizing the importance of genuine belonging and support in small groups or bands of brothers in Christ.

  2. An open conversation on why the church often focuses on homosexuality more than other sexual sins, touching on the need for Christians to confront their own brokenness and love biblically.

  3. Both hosts discuss how same-sex attraction may not completely disappear but can diminish over time through discipleship, healing, and community support.

Garry Ingraham is a husband and father of two wonderful boys. He and his wife Melissa co-founded the Love & Truth Network; a community to help others find the same life-giving, restorative arms of Jesus that has wonderfully blessed them. 

Although Garry grew up in a Christian home, he struggled with same-sex attraction, pornography, and masturbation beginning at an early age. Due in part to the silence of spiritual leaders on issues with which he was struggling, Garry left Bible College in frustration, turned away from God, and fully embraced a gay identity. 

While the new sense of acceptance and belonging Garry felt in the gay community was initially intoxicating, it eventually eroded into a profound sense of emptiness. So, in desperation, Garry came to authentic faith in Christ by surrendering his life. 

After experiencing years of genuine acceptance, support, and restoration in a healthy, life-giving church, Garry met and later married his wife, Melissa. 

We invited to Garry on the Real Men Connect Podcast to share his testimony as well as his insights on topics most churches unfortunately avoid when it comes to sex and same sex attraction.

To learn more about Garry, the Love & Truth Network, and to reach out to him, you can contact Garry at 

what does the bible say about overcoming temptation

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