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No Marriage Is Easy, But Yours Can Be Easier Guaranteed.  


If you ever wanted to win your wife's heart, make your marriage work, and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Hey Warrior,

I know from first-hand experience how difficult marriage can be when you have all the greatest intentions, but not all the required skills.  Even after my best efforts, I destroyed a 16-year marriage, and I thought it was “just because” of my unfaithfulness and addiction to porn. However, my ex-wife informed me it wasn’t; they were just the last straws that broke her back and her trust.


However, 13 years later, having conducted 200+ interviews with great men, having a top-rated podcast on iTunes for men, and having been given a second chance at a wonderful marriage, I’m humbled to have the opportunity to host such an important event just for men and I want you to join me. 

I’m on a mission to see every struggling marriage restored and every successful marriage multiplied…one simple strategy at a time.  That’s why I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned, researched, and compiled from men and marriages all over the country.  

Joe A. Martin, Ed.D.

Founder & Creator of

and Host of The Real Men Connect Podcast on iTunes

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

  • Marriage Secrets For Men BootCamp
    Marriage Secrets For Men BootCamp
    Sat, Jun 29
    New Life Church
    Jun 29, 2019, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT
    New Life Church, 2777 Knapp St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, USA
    FACT: A Successful Marriage = A Happy Life A Frustrated Wife = A Miserable Life There are a lot of men like you who want to love their wives, but they just don’t know HOW to love her, at least in a way that will make and keep her happy. This Boot Camp is here to teach you how.
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You don’t want to miss the Marriage Secrets for Men™ Boot Camp if…

  • You love your wife, but you struggle to connect with her emotionally.

  • You struggle with knowing exactly what to say and when
    to say it.

  • You’re tired of “Can we talk?” escalating into arguments.

  • You tend to get upset and angry very easily with your wife.

  • You rather go somewhere and be alone than confront
    your wife.

  • You would like to learn how other men handle "difficult wives."

  • You want to learn about marriage without your wife being in the same room.

  • You’d be willing to try anything to improve your marriage BEFORE going to counseling.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn at the Marriage Secrets for Men™ Boot Camp:

  • 30+ proven ways to love your wife, avoid arguing, and get what you really want and do it in less than 30 seconds at a time. Seriously!

  • How to get your wife to follow when you're trying to lead.

  • How to get your wife to listen to you when she’s
    fussing at you.

  • How to consistently build your wife’s trust and respect
    for you.

  • Avoid the #1 mistake men make in conversations with their wives and how to fix it, even after you’ve made a mistake.

  • How to get your wife to change her mind, most of the time with just one word.

  • Learn how to calm your wife down when you think she’s “losing it.”

  • 7 simple words you need to master to “ethically” influence your wife.


With every Boot Camp registration you'll also receive my confidential Marriage Cheat Sheet for Men™that will help make your marriage less stressful and a whole lot easier!


This is a go-to guide, owner's manual, game plan, and a marriage map. 
You only read it when you need it. 

Pulled straight from our "Marriage Secrets for Men Boot Camp" 

Here are just some of the "golden nuggets" you'll find in this resource guide to help you make your marriage easier and less frustrating:

  • 26 Ways to Affirm Your Wife

  • 4 Questions to Ask After Every Argument (to avoid future arguments)

  • 45 Questions You Can Ask to Learn Your Wife's Heart

  • 6 Things You Can Say to "Manage" Her Response (i.e. damage control)

  • 10 Things You Can Do That Will Lead to More Sex

  • 49 Questions You Can Ask to Start a Conversation with Your Wife

  • 11 Questions to Help You Understand What Your Wife is Saying

  • 8 Questions You Can Ask Your Wife If She's Ignoring You 

...and much more!

This is the "man-ual" every divorced man wishes he had BEFORE he got married (at least I did), and it's the resource I now use in my current, amazing marriage of 6 years!  This guide is not only a game changer, men say, "it's potentially life changing."


Please DO NOT allow your wife to see this guide.

This resource is for YOUR EYES ONLY!  So, don't SHARE IT with your wife, USE IT on your wife.


Sign-up for our online course, ANYTIME.


A Successful Marriage = A Happy Life
A Frustrated Wife = A Miserable Life

There are a lot of men like you who want to love their wives, but they just don’t know HOW to love her, at least in a way that will make and keep her happy.

I know how you feel.

She says you don’t understand her, but you can’t get her to understand how hard you’re trying. Whatever you do or try doesn’t seem to be right and you get to a point when you just feel like, “I’ve had enough; I can’t win.”


I can relate! It took my 16-year marriage ending in divorce for me to learn how to effectively love my wife and win her heart. If you don't believe me, just ask any happily married man.


Why else do you think men consistently list marriage and relationships among their top 3 struggles when it comes to their current challenges in life above money, children, work, family and even health?


Whether you’re in a good marriage or a struggling one, no marriage is easy, but every marriage can!
If you’re intentional about learning the necessary skills to emotionally and relationally connect with your wife, and this Boot Camp is going to show you exactly how to do that.

You’ll get everything you need to be ready to handle almost anything your marriage throws at you.  I’ll break it down for you so simple that even a middle schooler would be able to apply it and you'll even get to practice on and with the group.

These proven strategies have worked for me and hundreds of other men, and they will work for you too.

So, register now and we'll save you a seat.

See How Marriage Secrets for Men has helped others!



We are so convinced The Marriage Secrets for Men™Boot Camp can help make your relationship easier, we want to make sure
you invest with a peace of mind.

So, by the end of the boot camp, if you don’t feel like you received at least DOUBLE the value of your investment, just let us know, and we'll DOUBLE your refund* it's just our way of saying “Thank You” for giving us the opportunity to help you.*

How can we make such an outrageous guarantee?


1.)  Dr. Joe is putting his personal and organization’s national reputation on the line.

2.)  The content shared has been proven, tried, and validated, and It works!

3.)  Joe has a sincere desire and passion to see every marriage succeed, especially yours.


So, rest assured, if you’re not 100% delighted and excited about the what you learn by the end of the boot camp, just let me know and I’ll gladly DOUBLE your refund*.


*We appreciate your honesty and integrity in providing us feedback regarding our program. If you sincerely believe you have NOT been given tools that can positively affect or impact your relationship, we will be more than happy to provide you with DOUBLE the refund as promised. All money back guarantees are available for 30 days after enrollment of online course, or attendance to a live boot camp.*

The Marriage Secrets for Men™ Boot Camp is NOT right for you? If...

  • You think “loving your wife” is enough and “learning skills” is unnecessary.

  • ​Your wife is "making" you attend this event as an ultimatum, i.e., attend or divorce.

  • You’ve already given up on your marriage and you’re just signing up because you’re curious

  • You already think you know it all and you’re not open to trying something different to improve your marriage.

  • You are easily offended by prayer and occasional references to God and the Bible when it comes to marriage.

Even if you have a great marriage already, Marriage Secrets for Men™ Boot Camp IS for you if...

  • You desire to learn, love, and understand your wife even more.

  • You want to learn additional ways to improve your relational IQ.

  • You want to learn how to handle other challenging relationships in your life, other than with your wife.

  • You want to be able to help other men improve their relationships with their wives.

Common Questions About The Boot Camp.


So are you just teaching me about "love languages?"


How should I dress for the boot camp?


This boot camp is NOT about how to "date your wife" or how to"be more romantic."  This boot camp is about learning your wife, NOT just knowing her "love language."



Will I get any one-on-one time with Dr. Joe?


Are women allowed in to attend this boot camp?


Dr. Joe offers on-going support even after the boot camp is over . He wants to make sure that "No Husband is Left Behind."  Just ask him for details after the event.


This program is for MEN ONLY, so we will "take off the gloves" and get real about what really bothers you when it comes to "dealing" with your wife. This boot camp will be interactive, fun, and engaging, and we will even role-play scenarios in order to train you on how to respond, and NOT just react, to your wife. 


Who do I contact with questions or to ask about booking The Marriage Secrets for Men™ Boot Camp at my venue?




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