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Removing Your Shame Label with Eddie Capparucci

In a recent episode of the Real Men Connect Christian podcast, I sat down with Eddie Capperucci to delve into the complex world of men's emotional challenges and the crippling cycle of shame many face. This episode offers an in-depth look at the struggles men endure in expressing authentic feelings and the journey toward spiritual and emotional liberation.

🎙️ Removing Your Shame Label with Eddie Capparucci, Episode 832

Three Key Highlights From This Episode:

  1. Understanding Emotional Articulation: Eddie sheds light on the importance of men learning to articulate their emotions. Beyond anger and sadness lies a spectrum of feelings, and with practical tools like emotional wheels, men can uncover and express deeper emotions such as disappointment, leading to more effective communication and self-awareness.

  2. Breaking the Christian Shame Cycle: The discussion candidly reveals how Christian men, in particular, grapple with feeling God's love due to their relationships with their earthly fathers. The episode emphasizes the need for healing past traumas and developing healthy connections to experience true acceptance and love.

  3. The Journey From Pride to Humility: Both Joe and Eddie share personal anecdotes about their battles with pride. They confront the need for humility and ongoing surrender to God as crucial steps in overcoming the narcissism that frequently hampers men from seeking the support they need.

Eddie Capparucci is a licensed, professional counselor with a private practice in Marietta, GA. He specializes in treating sexual and pornography addictions.  Eddie is also the author of the new Christian book, “Removing the Shame Label,” and he serves as an elder in his church and is passionate about helping people strengthen their relationship with God.


To contact Eddie, visit his website: or email him at 

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