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How To Overcome Addiction With God: The Mike Cinelli Story

Overcoming Addiction With God's Help - Addiction To Faith & Healing

In our latest podcast episode, "Mike's Journey from Addiction to Redemption," we dive deep into the powerful story of Mike Cinelli's path from the grips of addiction to a life of faith and healing. This compelling conversation between Mike and host Joe Martin is filled with insights, struggles, and ultimately, hope.

Mike candidly shares his difficult experiences and the pivotal role forgiveness played in his recovery journey. Through forgiveness, self-reflection, and faith, he found the strength to let go of bitterness and embrace healing. His journey reminds us of the power of love, forgiveness, and the unwavering presence of God in our lives.

The episode touches on various themes such as the importance of counseling, the impact of forgiveness, navigating relationships in recovery, and the significance of personal faith. Mike's inspiring commitment to honoring God and sharing his story through writing and ministry is a testament to the transformative power of faith and resilience in his pursuit on how to overcome addiction with god's help.

how to overcome temptation as a christian

From Addiction to Redemption: The Mike Cinelli Story (EP:867)

Three Key Highlights:

  1. Forgiveness and Healing: Mike's experience underscores the profound impact of forgiveness on healing and recovery. By letting go of bitterness and embracing forgiveness, he found the key to unlocking personal growth and transformation.

  2. The Role of Faith and Support: The episode sheds light on the importance of faith and supportive relationships in the recovery journey. Both Mike and Joe emphasize the power of prayer, seeking help, and staying connected to a higher purpose in overcoming adversities.

  3. Commitment to Personal Growth: Through shared experiences and reflections, the conversation underscores the significance of continuous personal growth, self-awareness, and resilience in navigating life's challenges with grace and perseverance.

For two decades, Mike Cinelli fought tirelessly to break free from the clutches of heroin and crack cocaine addiction. But a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ healed the broken pieces of his life and gave him a redemptive story that will inspire anyone looking for hope.

break free of addiction with gods help

He is the author of the book, Reinvented: My Journey of Addiction and Redemption, and he provides encouragement for those trapped in addiction. To find out more about Mike and to get a copy of his book, you can visit his website at

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or seeking support in personal growth, we encourage you to listen to this profound episode of Client Content. Reflect on the insights shared by Mike and Joe, and consider reaching out for help or exploring avenues for healing and transformation in your own journey.

what does the bible say about overcoming temptation

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