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Fixing Trust Issues In Your Christian Marriage: 3 Essential Steps

Can Trust Be Repaired?

When you've blown it in a relationship, how do you start fixing trust issues that are deeply effecting yourself and your wife? This is a super common question I get asked by a lot of men. I believe there's basically three things that you have to take into account when you're trying to rebuild trust: confession, repentance, and restoration. Let's break it down.

fixing trust issues

Fixing Trust Issues - Step 1 - Confession of Breaking Trust

In order to rebuild trust, you have to first confess that you have broken that trust. The Bible tells us that we confess our sins before men publicly, that our father in heaven will hear those confessions and forgive us of our sins. You have to first confess and admit that you are wrong without defending yourself. It's not about making excuses or assigning blame; it's about owning up.

Fixing Trust Issues - Step 2 - Repentance - A Change of Heart

Repentance is a change of mind. It's a change of heart. It's going in a different direction. It's not just saying, "I'm sorry." Repentance is about not repeating the offense. It's about understanding and acknowledging the hurt you've caused and making a genuine effort to change your behavior. If you repent but you repeat the offense, you build more distrust in the relationship. Confess and let it go, then repent and change directions.

rebuilding trust in realtionship

Fixing Trust Issues - Step 3 - Restoration - Rebuilding the Relationship

We know that we serve a God of restoration, but we have a problem incorporating that into our lives. One way to reduce the hurt and help the healing process with the person you've offended is by asking one key question: How can I make this better? By asking this question, you show humility and a genuine desire to make amends. It opens the door for forgiveness and healing, and demonstrates your commitment to rebuilding the trust that was broken.

Overcoming Broken Trust Issues Is Fixable, But It Also Requires Intentional Effort

I know that rebuilding trust in a broken relationship isn't easy. That's why I wanted to provide you with practical advice that doesn't just scratch the surface but goes deep to help you make a meaningful change in your relationships.

Trust me, I've been there, and I speak from experience. So I hope that maybe you benefited from this. And hey, if you have any suggestions, make sure you leave a comment below or reach out. I'd love to know what you have done to rebuild the trust in your own Christian marriage.


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