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Motivating Educators to Increase Student Achievement

Joe Martin

Dr. Joe Martin, a.k.a. “The Educator Motivator,” knows first hand that the calling to be an educator carries with it the responsibility to help students learn, lead, and achieve.

Dr. Joe’s message is always powerful, provocative, and practical. His unique insight into what makes good teachers great and what helps "motivationally-challenged" students become overachievers has made him a sought-after education speaker for more than 26 years.

In addition, Dr. Joe has spoken for more than 750 organizations, colleges & universities, and K-12 school districts. Some of his clients include NASSP, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Navy, and the National Education Association (NEA). He also serves as a guest columnist for three national magazine publications.


He is consistently the highest-rated keynote speaker at education conferences and in-service training. Audiences love him because his content is indisputably wise and his style of speaking is in your face, but on your side.


Teach & Grow Rich
Focus: Success Strategies for Teacher Leaders
Stress-Free Teaching

Focus: How to Take Control of Your Classroom, Your Career & Your Life
Motivate to Educate

Focus: Street-smart Strategies for Connecting with & Motivating Students

Can’t We All Just Get Along

Focus: The Staff Party with a Purpose




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It’s Good to be Ugly
Focus: Success Strategies of the Motivationally Supercharged
Tricks of the Grade

Focus: Street-smart Strategies for Acing College
Decide or Die

Focus: Mastering the Five Most Critical Decisions of Your Life

Wake Up Call 

Focus: Finding, Accepting, and Living Your Purpose

True Colors

Focus: Re-shaping our Attitudes about Racism and Ethnicity



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Christian Mentorinf for Men - Dr. Joe Martin

Meet Dr. Joe

Dr. Joe Martin is the Founder and President of Real Men Connect (501-c3).
He is also an international award-winning speaker, for
mer university professor, published author, and educational consultant.

Joe has both a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in communication, and a doctorate degree in curriculum development.

In addition to being a career educator, Joe has worked as a sales trainer for a Fortune 500 company, both the state and the federal government in the field of public relations, including a position as Communications Director for the Florida Governor’s Office.

In spite of being reared in one of the toughest inner-city ghettos in Miami, Florida (Liberty City), Joe started his first business at the age of 22 and his second at the age of 26.  During his career as an educator, he has trained more than 265,000 teachers and has spoken to more than 1.6 million students covering every state and 4 countries.

He and his wife Tonya currently live in Chattanooga, Tennessee with their two children, Kendall and Faythe.

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To inquire about hosting Dr. Joe at your school or event, fill out this booking form or contact TYS Speakers at (800) 799-1460.

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