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First of all this is NOT a book.

This is digital download of a BLUEPRINT.  


The Real Man Rebuilding Trust Blueprint is the simply the most practical guide you'll ever read on how to revive, restore, and reclaim your marriage.  


It'll take you less than hour to get through it. The steps and strategies are simple, but they're not easy. It's going require humility, courage, and commitment.  But if you're willing to do your job, you can rest assure that God will faithfully do His(i.e., work on your wife's heart).


In this guide, I will walk you through a step-by-step process that I've successfully coached and taught hundreds of men to implement who have blown it BIG TIME in their marriages.  Because unfortunately, I was one of those men who blew it big time!


In the Rebuilding Trust Blueprint, I will teach you:


  • 8 immediate actions you need to take right now in your marriage.
  • 6 powerful phrases you need to memorize, rehearse and speak to your wife (often).
  • 26 spiritually foundational principles to learn in handling your wife's broken heart.


You can then download it to your mobile device or desktop computer and start reading it immediately. 


So if you've think it's too late to repair what's been broken; your wife is struggling with unresolved pain and anger; and you're finding it difficult to connect with your wife both physically and emotionally, then this is blueprint you need to start rebuilding the foundation of your marriage.


**Digital Download**

Rebuilding Trust Blueprint

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