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Become the man God made you to be in just one year!


Let’s face it, every Christian man wants to be a godly husband, father, and provider for his family, but most are secretly frustrated and afraid of failing as spiritual leaders. Why?  Because when it comes to being a godly man, most of us were A-B-T: Ain’t Been Taught!


As the product of a single, teenage-mother, I survived abject poverty, abuse, abandonment, anger, depression, rejection, and addiction.


Man Accomplished is the take-action guide I used to write my comeback story that took me from having it all by age 30; losing it all by 40; and getting it all back by 50.  And it’s specifically designed to help you accomplish manhood in just one year!


This will be one of the most challenging books you’ll ever read or “never finish.”  Because each of the 50 “Man Challenges” will test you in ways that will either inspire you or intimidate you.


But rest assured, if you’re not a more confident, mature, purpose-driven, kingdom-minded man after completing this book, you’ll at least know what it takes to become one.  So, are you ready?

Man Accomplished

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