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Making Godly Decisions As The Man (Leader) In The Family

Making Decisions Guided by Biblical Principles

In a world teeming with choices, the role of a man as a husband, father, and spiritual leader carries the weight of numerous critical decisions. These decisions shape not only your own life but also the lives of those you love and lead. I remember feeling the weight of this responsibility after one of my morning gym sessions. This quiet moment of reflection had me tied up as to how I can personally live up to my potential, lead my family through our most important decisions, and have them honor the word of God and his desires for my life. As you can see, being a man, with a family who needs your care and direction is no small feat!

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Making Godly Decisions - How To Approach The Challenge

Daily, men are faced with decisions ranging from the mundane to the monumental. These choices affect our personal well-being, the happiness and security of our families, and our professional integrity. Whether it's a matter of disciplining a child, supporting our spouse, or making an ethical choice at work, these decisions have a lasting impact. The complexity and frequency of these decisions can be overwhelming, underscoring the need for a solid, guiding foundation. You need to lean into the support of others, and the support of God. Because when you walk with God, remain aligned in your righteousness of spirit, intention and strength, your family will reap those blessings also.


Proverbs 20:7: "The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him."


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Seeking Guidance for Making Godly Decisions

When navigating tough life choices, prayer and seeking God's guidance become not just helpful tools, but essential practices. But how do you discern God's voice and wisdom in your decision-making process? Simple, you anchor your decisions in 5 guiding questions that will help you stay aligned with God's will and purpose.

Four Biblical Questions To Help Guide You

  1. Alignment with God's Word: Does the decision align with the teachings of the Bible? God’s Word is our infallible guide, ensuring your choices are led by his word. His teachings are a gift to us and all the answers are there to support you.

  2. Exercise of Faith: Will this decision increase my faith and dependence on God? Choices that push us to trust more in God rather than our own understanding are often the ones leading us in the right direction.

  3. Expansion of God’s Kingdom: Does this choice aid in spreading God’s message and love? Our decisions should contribute to God’s greater plan and purpose.

  4. Glorification of God: Will this decision honor and please God? The ultimate aim of our choices should be to glorify Him.

Applying Godly Choices in Real Life

I know what you're thinking. These are teachings you have already heard before, but how do I you really apply it to "my life"? Let's take a practical scenario: considering a job offer that requires relocation. This is a big decision so making sure that it aligns with your families safety, security and God's will for your life is essential. Here are some questions you could ask yourself that mirror the 4 questions above that will bring confidence to your decision making.

Does this move align with God’s Word and my family values?

Will this move increase my family’s faith and reliance on God and provide security, community and purpose to my life?

By dissecting decisions through these lenses, we can navigate towards choices that align with God’s will.

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In conclusion, the essence of making godly decisions as a man whom is leading our family lies in aligning our choices with God's Word, seeking to glorify Him, and trusting in His eternal plan. This journey requires continuous growth and reliance on God’s wisdom. I encourage every man to embrace this path, to choose each day to be the man God has called and created you to be. It may not always be a clear journey, however when you algin with God's intentions and blessings for your life you will feel guided, confident and purpose filled which will transfer over into love within your marriage and leadership for your children.

Share this message with a brother in need of guidance, and together, let's grow in making decisions God's way, the real man's way. Until next time, be blessed, stay strong, and always stay in God's grip.

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