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How to Pray Like A Man, EP 839

how to pray

How To Learn To Pray

In this episode of the Real Men Connect podcast, host Joe Martin delves into the topic of prayer and addresses the various challenges and questions men may have about the effectiveness of their prayers. He discusses the importance of examining the motives behind our prayers and explores the idea of faithful prayers versus fearful prayers. Joe Martin also shares ten powerful faithful prayers that he believes God will always answer when sincerely asked. His insight and encouragement are aimed at helping men cultivate a deeper and more meaningful prayer life. Stay tuned for a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion that will encourage you to grow in your faith and prayer journey.

❇️ Key Topics:

Understanding Prayer

  • The concept of praying faithfully, not fearfully.

  • Common questions and doubts about prayers going unanswered.

  • Discussion on the reasons why God may not always answer prayers.

The Basics of Prayer

  • The importance of examining personal life and motives before expecting answers to prayers.

  • Identifying hindrances to effective prayer, such as besetting sin, unconfessed sin, willful disobedience, and harboring unforgiveness.

Fearful vs. Faithful Prayers

  • Comparison and explanation of fearful prayers and faithful prayers.

  • Detailed breakdown of ten faithful prayers with explanations and examples for each.


Next Step:

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