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Healing From Loss with Christopher Cook

Updated: Mar 30

Facing the Mirror of Loss: Chris's Strategies for Grieving and Growing

Embark on an introspective voyage with us on this week's episode as we sit down with Christopher Cook, who shares his profound experiences navigating the intricate pathways of grief and personal transformation. As we delve deep into the themes of vulnerability, faith, and healing from loss, this conversation promises to touch hearts and offer solace to anyone grappling with loss or seeking transformation.

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🎙️Healing From Loss You Can't Erase - Episode 850 with Christopher Cook

In this heartwarming episode Joe Martin sits down with the transformational Christopher Cook, who shares profound insights into the art of healing. Together, they delve into the metaphor of grafting branches and the positive emulation of nature's resilience.

This episode is not just a conversation; it's a landslide of transformative wisdom that could shift the tectonic plates of your inner world. If you've ever faced a loss you can’t seem to move past, or if you're seeking to deepen your spiritual walk and find true transformation, this is an expedition for you.

🌿 Key highlights from Episode 850 include:

  1. Chris’s remarkable approach to embracing vulnerability and the process of tactical discipleship for fruit-bearing lives.

  2. A candid recount of Joe’s personal run-ins with grief in the wake of family loss, revealing how vulnerability paves the path to shared healing.

  3. Chris's four-step process for renewing the mind and the paramount importance of journaling and strategic positioning before the Lord.

  4. Chris’s candid recollection of his poignant journey from trauma to wholeness through God’s grace, offering a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with personal struggles.

📖 Chris’s book, "Healing What You Can't Erase," is lauded by Joe Martin, and it’s an essential guide for anyone on the path to recovery and redemption.


Christopher Cook is a leadership coach and pastor (and longtime podcaster), and he’s the author of Healing What You Can’t Erase: How to Transform Your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health from the Inside Out. In his book, Christopher shares his own powerful journey from trauma and shame to wholeness. 

We invited Christopher on our show to talk about that journey and what we can all learn from it as we, as men, navigate our own journeys. 

If you would like to connect with Chris, you visit him on social media @Wintodaychris or visit his website at 


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