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Finding Your Purpose through Faith, Scripture, and Identity

Mark Collins on Identity, Finding Your Purpose, and Overcoming Life's Challenges

Welcome to another episode of Real Men Connect! In this episode, myself and Mark Collins explore how societal expectations and personal experiences shape our sense of self, and the importance of embracing imperfections and vulnerabilities. Drawing inspiration from the life of Jesus and personal stories, Mark Collins highlights the necessity of identity before finding your purpose.

We discuss the challenges men face in this journey, how to overcome internal struggles despite outward success, and the critical role affirmations and encouragement play in personal and spiritual growth. Mark also emphasizes the power of crafting a personal "IM statement" to combat lies and embrace the truth about oneself.

Join us as we unpack these crucial topics, offer powerful insights, and share resources to help you become extraordinary husbands, fathers, and leaders.

how to overcome temptation as a christian

Unpacking and Understanding Your God-Given Identity (EP:874)

Three Key Highlights/Learnings:

  1. Identity Before Purpose: Mark Collins emphasizes the powerful biblical truth that knowing one's identity, as exemplified by Jesus, is foundational before pursuing any life purpose. This insight helps shift focus from merely achieving goals to understanding our innate value.

  2. Vulnerability as Strength: Both hosts and Mark discuss the significance of embracing imperfections and being open about struggles. This vulnerability can foster true freedom and authentic relationships, especially in fatherhood and leadership.

  3. Creating an Identity Statement: Mark shares practical advice on developing an IM (identity) statement, which can help combat societal pressures and internal doubts, anchoring men in their God-given identity and paving the way for personal and spiritual growth.

Mark Collins is an associate pastor at Authentic Community Church in Buena Park, CA, and he’s been in ministry for over 20 years.  He has helped men achieve success at various levels of their Christian walk, and he’s the author of the book Life Mastery: Living Life by Design, Not by Default.

To find out more about Mark and contact him:

what does the bible say about overcoming temptation

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